Selected publications


Maternal Eed knockout causes loss of H3K27me3 imprinting and random X inactivation in the extra embryonic cells. 

Inoue A*, Chen Z*, Yin Q, Zhang Y. (2018) Genes Dev 32, 1525-36. *Co-first.


Genomic imprinting of Xist by maternal H3K27me3.

Inoue A#, Jiang L, Lu F, Zhang Y. (2017) Genes Dev 31, 1927-32. #Co-corresponding

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Maternal H3K27me3 controls DNA methylation-independent imprinting.

Inoue A*, Jiang L*, Lu F*, Suzuki T, Zhang Y. (2017) Nature 547(7664), 419-24. *Co-first.

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  Highlighted by Nat Struct Mol BiolOocyte-derived histone H3 lysine 27 methylation controls
expression in the early embryo.

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​                                                maternal histones.


Establishing Chromatin Regulatory Landscape during Mouse Preimplantation Development.

Lu F*, Liu Y*, Inoue A*, Suzuki T, Zhao K, Zhang Y. (2016) Cell 165(6), 1375-88. *Co-first.


Nucleosome assembly is required for nuclear pore complex assembly in mouse zygotes.

Inoue A#, Zhang Y. (2014) Nature Struct Mol Biol 21, 609-16. #Co-corresponding


  Highlighted by Nat Struct Mol Biol, Histones push the envelope.

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Generation and replication-dependent dilution of 5fC and 5caC during mouse preimplantation development. 

Inoue A, Shen L, Dai Q, He C, Zhang Y. (2011) Cell Research 21(12):1670-6. 

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Other publications

Reprogramming of chromatin accessibility in somatic cell nuclear transfer is DNA replication independent. 

Djekidel MN*, Inoue A*, Matoba S, Suzuki T, Zhang C, Lu F, Jiang L, Zhang Y. (2018) Cell Reports 23, 1939-47. *Co-first.

Simultaneous mapping of active DNA demethylation and sister chromatid exchange in single cells.

Wu X, Inoue A, Suzuki T, Zhang Y. (2017) Genes Dev 31(5), 511-23.

Tet3 and DNA replication mediate demethylation of both the maternal and paternal genomes in mouse zygotes.

Shen L*,Inoue A*, He J, Liu Y, Lu F, Zhang Y. (2014) Cell Stem Cell 15, 459-70. *Co-first.

Embryonic Development following Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Impeded by Persisting Histone Methylation.

Matoba S, Liu Y, Lu F, Iwabuchi KA, Shen L, Inoue A, Zhang Y. (2014) Cell 159(4), 884-95. 

siRNA-mediated depletion of stable proteins in mouse oocytes.

Inoue A#, Sunaga K, Aoki F, Zhang Y. (2014) Protocol Ex.  doi:10.1038/protex.2014.024  #Corresponding

Double Nicking by RNA-Guided CRISPR Cas9 for Enhanced Genome Editing Specificity.

Ran FA, Hsu PD, Lin CY, Gootenberg JS, Konermann S, Trevino AE, Scott DA, Inoue A, Matoba S, Zhang Y, and Zhang F. (2013) Cell 12;154(6):1380-9.

Dynamics of 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine during germ cell reprogramming.

Yamaguchi S, Hong K, Liu R, Inoue A, Shen L, Zhang K, and Zhang Y. (2013) Cell Research 23(3):329-39.

Tet1 controls meiosis by regulating meiotic gene expression. 

Yamaguchi S, Hong K, Liu R, Shen L, Inoue A, Diep D, Zhang K, and Zhang Y. (2012) 

Nature 20;492(7429):443-7.

Involvement of mouse nucleoplasmin 2 in the decondensation of sperm chromatin after fertilization.

Inoue A, Ogushi S, Saitou M, Suzuki GM, Aoki F. (2011) Biol Reprod 85(1):70-7.

Global gene silencing is caused by the dissociation of RNA polymerase II from DNA in mouse oocytes. 

Abe KI, Inoue A, Suzuki GM, and Aoki F. (2010) J Reprod Dev 56(5):502-7.

Expression of c-MYC in nuclear speckles during mouse oocyte growth and preimplantation development.

Suzuki T, Abe K, Inoue A, and Aoki F. (2009) J Reprod Dev 55(5):491-5.

Involvement of an essential gene, mviN, in murein synthesis in Escherichia coli.

Inoue A, Murata Y, Takahashi H, Tsuji N, Fujisaki S, Kato J. (2008) J Bacteriol 190(21):7298-301.

Changes in H3K79 methylation during preimplantation development in mice.

Ooga M, Inoue A, Kageyama S, Akiyama T, Nagata M, and Aoki F. (2008) Biol Reprod 78(3):413-24.

The perivitelline space-forming capacity of mouse oocytes is associated with meiotic competence.

Inoue A, Akiyama T, Nagata M, and Aoki F. (2007) J Reprod Dev 53(5):1043-52.


5mC & 5hmC in 1cell