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14. Fukuda K, Shimi T, Shimura C, Ono T, Suzuki T, Onoue K, Okayama S, Miura H, Hiratani I, Ikeda K, Okada Y, Dohmae N, Yonemura S, Inoue A, Kimura H, Shinkai Y. (2023)

Epigenetic plasticity safeguards heterochromatin configuration in mammals. 

Nucleic Acid Research May 13:gkad387. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkad387.

13. Richard Albert J, Kobayashi T, Inoue A, Monteagudo-Sánchez A, Kumamoto S, Takashima T, Miura A, Oikawa M, Miura F, Takada S, Hirabayashi M, Korthauer K, Kurimoto K, Greenberg MVC, Lorincz M, Kobayashi H. (2023)

Conservation and divergence of canonical and non-canonical imprinting in murids. 

Genome Biology 24(1):48. doi: 10.1186/s13059-023-02869-1.


12. Inoue A. (2023)

Noncanonical imprinting: Intergenerational epigenetic inheritance mediated by Polycomb complexes. 

Current Opinion in Genetics & Development. 78:102015, 1-9

11. Hayashi R, Inoue A. (2023)

Low-input CUT&RUN for Mouse Oocytes and Preimplantation Embryos.

Methods Mol Biol 2577:83-92. doi: 10.1007/978-1-0716-2724-2_6.

10. Kai Y*†, Mei H*, Kawano H, Nakajima N, Takai A, Kumon MInoue A†, Yamashita N. (2022)

Transcriptomic signatures in trophectoderm and inner cell mass of human blastocysts classified according to developmental potential, maternal age and morphology. 

PLoS One Dec 1;17(12):e0278663. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0278663 *Co-first, †Co-corresponding

9.  Miyao T, Miyauchi M, Kelly ST, Terooatea TW, Ishikawa T, Oh E, Hirai S, Horie K, Takakura Y, Ohki H, Hayama M, Maruyama Y, Seki T, Ishii H, Yabukami H, Yoshida M, Inoue A, Sakaue-Sawano A, Miyawaki A, Muratani M, Minoda A, Akiyama N, Akiyama T. (2022)

Integrative analysis of scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq revealed transit-amplifying thymic epithelial cells expressing autoimmune regulator. 

eLife May 17;11:e73998. doi: 10.7554/eLife.73998.

8. Matoba S*, Kozuka C*, Miura K, Inoue K, Kumon M, Hayashi R, Ohhata T, Ogura A, Inoue A*. (2022)

Noncanonical imprinting sustains embryonic development and restrains placental overgrowth.

Genes & Development 36(7-8):483-494. doi: 10.1101/gad.349390.122. *Co-first

       – プレスリリース 母親ゲノムの記憶が胎児を育む-胎盤と胚発生に重要な刷り込み遺伝子を同定-

       – 立花誠先生(大阪大学)による紹介記事

       – Highlighted by Discover Magazine, New research helps us understand miscarriage and placenta


      – 日刊工業新聞2022.5.19「胚・胎盤形成 遺伝子を同定 理研 不妊症の原因解明期待」

7. Kusuyama J, Makarewicz NS, Albertson BG, Alves-Wagner AB, Conlin RH, Prince NB, Alves CRR, Ramachandran K, Kozuka C, Xiudong Y, Xia Y, Hirshman MF, Hatta T, Nagatomi R, Nozik ES, Goodyear LJ. (2022)

Maternal Exercise-Induced SOD3 Reverses the Deleterious Effects of Maternal High Fat Diet on Offspring Metabolism Through Stabilization of H3K4me3 and Protection Against WDR82 Carbonylation.

Diabetes  71(6):1170-1181. doi: 10.2337/db21-0706.

6. Kozuka C, Efthymiou V, Sales VM, Zhou L, Osataphan S, Yuchi Y, Chimene-Weiss J, Mulla C, Isganaitis E, Desmond J, Sanechika S, Kusuyama J, Goodyear L, Shi X, Gerszten RE, Aguayo-Mazzucato C, Carapeto P, Teixeira SD, Sandoval D, Alonso-Curbelo D, Wu L, Qi J, Patti ME. (2022)

Bromodomain Inhibition Reveals FGF15/19 as a Target of Epigenetic Regulation and Metabolic Control.

Diabetes 71(5), 1023-1033

5. Mei H*, Kozuka C, Hayashi R, Kumon M, Koseki H, Inoue A*. (2021)  

H2AK119ub1 guides maternal inheritance and zygotic deposition of H3K27me3 in mouse embryos.

Nature Genetics 53, 539-550. *Co-first

       – Highlighted by Nat GenetThe Polycomb landscape in mouse development

       – プレスリリース  卵の記憶は胎盤へ –卵のエピジェネティック修飾が次世代に伝承される機構を解明–

       – 塩見春彦先生(慶應義塾大学)による紹介記事

4. Kusuyama J, Alves-Wagner AB, Conlin RH, Makarewicz NS, Albertson BG, Prince NB, Kobayashi S, Kozuka C, Møller M, Bjerre M, Fuglsang J, Miele E, Middelbeek RJW, Xiudong Y, Xia Y, Garneau L, Bhattacharjee J, Aguer C, Patti ME, Hirshman MF, Jessen N, Hatta T, Ovesen PG, Adamo KB, Nozik-Grayck E, Goodyear LJ. (2021)

Placental superoxide dismutase 3 mediates benefits of maternal exercise on offspring health.

Cell Metabolism 33, 939-956.e8.

3. Chen Z, Yin Q, Inoue A, Zhang C, Zhang Y. (2019)

Allelic H3K27me3 to allelic DNA methylation switch maintains noncanonical imprinting in extraembryonic cells.

Science Advances 5, eaay7246.

2. Yang KT*, Inoue A*, Lee YJ, Jiang CL, Lin FJ. (2019)

Loss of Ikbkap/Elp1 in mouse oocytes causes spindle disorganization, developmental defects in preimplantation embryos and impaired female fertility.

Scientific Reports 9(1), 18875. *Co-first

1. Shishikura K, Kuroha S, Matsueda S, Iseki H, Matsui T, Inoue A, Arita M. (2019)

Acyl-CoA synthetase 6 regulates long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of membrane phospholipids in spermatids and supports normal spermatogenic processes in mice.

The FASEB Journal 33(12), 14194-203.

総説・図書(Review, Book, etc)

7. 井上梓「精子のエピゲノムは幻か?」

実験医学 2023年5月号41(8):1300-1、羊土社 

6. 小塚智沙代、井上梓「疾患素因の形成にかかわる 「胎盤」の機能とエピゲノム制御機構」

臨床免疫・アレルギー科79(1):114-120 (2023)

5. 井上高血糖は卵子のエピゲノム酵素を介して次世代に影響する?

実験医学 2022年8月号 40(13): 2138-9、羊土社

4. 井上梓世代を超えるエピゲノム〜生殖細胞による獲得形質の遺伝を再考する〜

実験医学 2021年 4月号 39(6): 856-61、羊土社

3. 井上梓母性エピゲノムの確立と伝承

実験医学 2021年 4月号 39(6) 876-81、羊土社

2. 椙下紘貴、薬師寺那由多、井上梓CUT&RUN

実験医学別冊 クロマチン解析実践プロトコール 2020年12月 p26-46、羊土社

1. 井上梓受精卵,ウイルス,ES,筋ジスを巡るDUX発見物語
実験医学 2020年1月号 38(1): 63-64、羊土社


Selected PUBLICATIONS (~2018)

​​17. Inoue A*, Chen Z*, Yin Q, Zhang Y. (2018) 

Maternal Eed knockout causes loss of H3K27me3 imprinting and random X inactivation in the extra embryonic cells. 

Genes Dev 32, 1-12 *Co-first.

16. Djekidel MN*, Inoue A*, Matoba S, Suzuki T, Zhang C, Lu F, Jiang L, Zhang Y. (2018) 

Reprogramming of chromatin accessibility in somatic cell nuclear transfer is DNA replication independent. 

Cell Reports 23, 1939-47. *Co-first.

15. Inoue A#, Jiang L, Lu F, Zhang Y. (2017)

Genomic imprinting of Xist by maternal H3K27me3.

Genes Dev 31, 1927-32. #Corresponding

14. Inoue A*, Jiang L*, Lu F*, Suzuki T, Zhang Y. (2017) 

Maternal H3K27me3 controls DNA methylation-independent imprinting.

Nature 547(7664), 419-24. *Co-first.

     Highlighted by Nat Rev MCB, Getting instructions from mum.

  Highlighted by Nat Struct Mol BiolOocyte-derived histone H3 lysine 27 methylation controls gene

   expression in the early embryo.

  Highlighted by Genome Biol, Genomic imprinting beyond DNA methylation: a role for maternal histones.

       Highlighted by BioArt, 重大发现:张毅组Nature揭示基因印迹的新机制【附朱冰点评】丨BioArt特别推荐

       Highlighted by Nat Rev MCB, Imprints in the history of epigenetics.

       Highlighted by AASJ論文ウォッチ, もう一つのインプリンティング (2017年7月26日)

13. Lu F*, Liu Y*, Inoue A*, Suzuki T, Zhao K, Zhang Y. (2016) 

Establishing Chromatin Regulatory Landscape during Mouse Preimplantation Development.

Cell 165(6), 1375-88. *Co-first.

12. Inoue A, Shen L, Matoba S, Zhang Y. (2015)

Haploinsufficiency, but not defective 5mC oxidation in zygotes, accounts for the developmental defects of maternal Tet3 knockouts.

Cell Reports 10(4), 763-70.

11. Shen L*,Inoue A*, He J, Liu Y, Lu F, Zhang Y. (2014)

Tet3 and DNA replication mediate demethylation of both the maternal and paternal genomes in mouse zygotes.

Cell Stem Cell 15, 459-70. *Co-first.

10. Inoue A#, Sunaga K, Aoki F, Zhang Y. (2014)

siRNA-mediated depletion of stable proteins in mouse oocytes.

Protocol Exchangedoi:10.1038/protex.2014.024 #Corresponding

9. Inoue A#, Zhang Y. (2014)

Nucleosome assembly is required for nuclear pore complex assembly in mouse zygotes.

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 21, 609-16. #Corresponding


   Highlighted by Nat Struct Mol Biol, Histones push the envelope.

8. Inoue A, Matoba S, Zhang Y. (2012)

Transcriptional activation of transposable elements in mouse zygotes is independent of Tet3-mediated 5-methylcytosine oxidation. 

Cell Research 22(12):1640-9.

7. Inoue A, Shen L, Dai Q, He C, Zhang Y. (2011)

Generation and replication-dependent dilution of 5fC and 5caC during mouse preimplantation development. 

Cell Research 21(12):1670-6. 


   Selected as the cover of the issue and as an Editor’s Choice 2011

6. Inoue A, Zhang Y. (2011)

Replication-dependent loss of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in mouse preimplantation embryos. 

Science 334(6053):194.

​5. Inoue A, Ogushi S, Saitou M, Suzuki GM, Aoki F. (2011)

Involvement of mouse nucleoplasmin 2 in the decondensation of sperm chromatin after fertilization.

Biol Reprod 85(1):70-7.

4. Inoue A, Aoki F. (2010)

Role of the nucleoplasmin 2 C-terminal domain in the formation of nucleolus-like bodies in mouse oocytes.

The FASEB Journal 24(2):485-94.

3. Inoue A, Murata Y, Takahashi H, Tsuji N, Fujisaki S, Kato J. (2008)

Involvement of an essential gene, mviN, in murein synthesis in Escherichia coli.

J Bacteriol 190(21):7298-301.



2. Inoue A, Nakajima R, Nagata M, Aoki F. (2008)

Contribution of the oocyte nucleus and cytoplasm to the determination of meiotic and developmental competence in mice.

Human Reproduction 23(6):1377-84.

1. Inoue A, Akiyama T, Nagata M, and Aoki F. (2007)

The perivitelline space-forming capacity of mouse oocytes is associated with meiotic competence.

J Reprod Dev 53(5):1043-52.

総説・図書(Review, Book, etc)

ライフサイエンス新着論文レビュー Aug 3, 2017

井上梓、Lu F、Liu Y、Zhang Y.「マウスの着床前の初期胚における開いたクロマチン構造の形成

ライフサイエンス新着論文レビュー Jun 17, 2016


実験医学 2014年8月号、羊土社


ライフサイエンス新着論文レビュー Jul 8, 2014

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